InPRC™ functions like a piece of equipment in all kinds of facility management processes. In the beginning of developing InPRC™ we focussed on cleaning services and related services like DKS and quality management (assessment of delivered services). Though the unique design of InPRC™ gives way to many more appliances, inspiring Principals and Suppliers to use it in new ways time and time again.

What is InPRC™?

  • A web-based application for facility (public-) organisations.
  • Creates quantitatively measurable cleaning-activities.
  • Cleaning worker becomes the central link in quality management. Skilled labour as a fundamental part.
  • By using the Personal Appreciation System (PWS) the contractor is enabled to showcase his/her own professional skills and gain periodic financial benefits accordingly. Because only transparant and verifiable quality is valued!

How does it work?

  • The cleaning worker logs onto a barcode scanner with an unique code.
  • The cleaning worker stars his or her work.
  • The cleaning worker decides on a room-by-room basis which rooms need cleaning and signals Facility malfunctions (ex. broken lamps).
  • The cleaning worker does his job where it is needed.
  • He logs each finished activity.
  • His shift is over.

Best Value Approach

InPRC™ uses public tender principles like equality, non-discriminatory and transparency throughout the product. Value-creation by diminishing risk through usage of expertise and transparancy. Listening, understanding and streamlining instead of management, supervision and inspection. Win-win-win relations are central to InPRC™. Increased profit by suppliers, more value for principals for a lower cost, and contractors as a central link in quality management.

Code Verantwoordelijk Marktgedrag (Netherlands)

On the 21st of july 2011 the Code Verantwoordelijk Marktgedrag was introduced in the Netherlands to go against the ever increasing free market processes in our line of work. Eudyptes B.V. has developed a first appliance for this. By developing this product, we listened to the wishes of Principals, Contractors and Trade Unions who wanted an honest and professional way of delivering facility services.